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General information

Pipitos Kassiopi Corfu: Kassiopi is one of the largest villages of Corfu located 36 km northeast of the main town. The main beach is quite popular while it is considered one of the most favorable settings. Kasiopi has four main beaches, along with several other less known, namely Kalamionas, Pipitos, Kanoni and Bataria. Pipitos beach is accessible primarily through a bout of rock climbing which is rather difficult to access.

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The beach largely offers sandy shores with rich green and cool blue, crystalline waters. Due to the absence of natural shade, umbrellas and sun beds are available. The beach has shingles and pebbles which make walking comfortable, but plastic shoes or other foot wear is advised for children.

For the adventurous travelers there are large rock faces, waiting to be climbed. These magnificent rocks lead into the beautiful, deliciously cool waters of the sea. Snorkeling, swimming and canoeing are nice for those interested in recreational activities.

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