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Bataria Kassiopi Corfu: Bataria is a beautiful beach of Kassiopi, located 37 km from Corfu Town. Bataria is a small beach but it distinguishes for its wild beauty and perfect views of the Albanian mountains that make an ideal setting for your summer holidays.

Right behind the small port of Kassiopi is the magnificent cove of Bataria, an inviting area with crystal clear waters and shiny pebbles. The crystal beach has rough rocks and vast vegetation creating a relaxing and beautiful spot. The pebbled shore is covered by two rows of sunbeds and on the sides there is some space for those who want some privacy. Despite its close proximity to the village, Bataria keeps a low profile, away from the noisy crowds that one will find in other beaches of Kassiopi.

The beach is very clean while the quiet and friendly environment makes an ideal place for the children. Various accommodation, taverns and bars are found in close distance, at the main street of Kassiopi.

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