Taxis in Greece & the islands

While traveling to Greece, if you do not rent your own car, taxis are the best way of transport in Greece, in cities and islands. Want to organize your Greece taxis transfer from an airport, a port, a rail station, a hotel or other? This is the right place.
We can arrange any kind of transfer from any point to another. Depending on the locations, we can arrange a transfer with taxis, minibuses, buses, and VIP cars.

General taxis info

Taxi cars in Athens are yellow with an illuminated sign marked "TAXI" on top.
One can stop taxis in Greece by simply raising a hand or go to a Taxi stands (piatsa) which are located in many parts in Athens. It may occur that the taxi already has passengers inside or board other people during the ride, as it is common to share taxis, in Greece. This practice is usual in Athens, not in the small towns.

When the sign on the top is lighted, the taxi is available for hire.

There is a minimum fare for the short taxi rides and then the price is settled by the meter. Taxis in Greece double their fares between midnight and 05:00 am. Also note that there is an extra charge for picking up from the ports, train and bus stations but also for pieces of luggage.

Greece taxis fares (2018)

The meter starts at 1.20€

Minimum rate (Athens/Thessaloniki) 3.16€

Minimum Rate (rest of Greece) 3.40€

Rate Per Km Within City Limits (Simple Rate) 0.68€

Rate Per Km Outside City Limits (Double Rate) 1,19€

Waiting Time Per Hour 10.85€

From the Ports, Railway & Bus Stations 1.07€

Night Rate (24:00-05:00 am) Double

Luggage Over 10 kgs Each 0.40€


In certain tourist areas and in the Greek islands, you may be asked to pay a predetermined (standard) amount for a ride to a specific destination. Thus, before boarding a taxi in Greece, make sure you ask the taxi driver for the exact fare of your journey.

From February 2013, fixed taxi fares have been legislated for the following routes.

Fixed Taxi fares (2016)

Athens Centre to Athens Airport (day 05:00-24:00) 35€

Athens Airport to Athens Centre (and vice versa) (night 24:00-05:00) 50€


In the following table, you can see indicative taxi fares from the airport of Athens to the most usual destinations in Attica.

Indicative Taxi Fares in Athens (2016)

Athens Airport to Piraeus (day) 47€

Athens Airport to Piraeus (night 24:00-05:00) 72€

Athens Airport to Rafina (day) 35€

Athens Airport to Rafina (night 24:00-05:00) 50€

Athens Airport to Lavrio (day) 47€

Athens Airport to Lavrio (night 24:00-05:00) 70€

Athens Airport to Glyfada (day) 32€

Athens Airport to Glyfada (night 24:00-05:00) 40€

Athens Airport to Kifissia (day) 33€

Athens Airport to Kifissia (night 24:00-05:00) 50€