Spa holidays in Greece & the islands

Greece owes the modern spa and aroma bathing techniques to ancient civilizations. The ancient Greeks, in particular, had developed many practices that remind us the modern spa treatments. Actually many people come today in Greece for spa holidays.

Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, was the first to discover the medicinal value of seawater to cure different types of infections. In fact, he used seawater rich in various minerals to cure the wounds and to relieve pain. This treatment was known as thalassotherapy, a kind of treatment using seawater and its derivatives.

The ancient Greeks had realized the importance of bathing in natural tubs and hot springs. They assigned divinity to certain hot springs that had the amazing power to cure diseases and refresh the skin. This tradition continued through centuries but underwent a lot of modifications in its methods of practice. However, the underlying principle remained the same: to rejuvenate the body and the mind using natural elements.

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Information about Spa centers

Following this ancient tradition, a large number of spa centers have been created in different parts of Greece. Most of the spa centers are associated with restaurants and resorts. They offer different kinds of services to meet the requirements of visitors on spa holidays. The services include daily bathing in heated seawater pools, algae and mud wraps, hydro massage, aromatherapy and volcano steam bath, among others. Along with the spa and massage services, many of the centers offer a gym, yoga and meditation courses.

The spa massages have mixed cosmetic and therapeutic effects. Thalassotherapy is offered as a treatment for various stress-related problems, muscle and skin restoration and weight control. It is usually accompanied with a balanced diet program. The massage and all treatments are carried out by skilled professionals, specialists in spa-related treatment methods.

The coastal climate and the innumerable beaches favour the spa business in Greece. Many hotels in the prime locations of the country offer spa services to their customers. Some of the most popular islands for spa is Santorini island.

View a list of hotels with spa and a list of independant spa centers.

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