Greece Fishing holidays

Surrounded by the Aegean, the Ionian and the Mediterranean Sea, it is not surprising that fishing in Greece is so popular. However, it is not only the existence but also the cleanness of the sea that favors fishing in Greece. In fact, the beaches and sea water are among the cleanest in the world and have frequently been awarded with prizes for the quality of the water.

Most permanent inhabitants of the islands have a fishing boat and know how to fish. Fishing in particular has been the main occupation and main source of income for the islanders for many decades now. A visit on the Greek islands will convince you of that, as you will surely see fishermen tiding their nets in the small ports of the islands or having just returned from fishing early in the morning. Professional fishermen go fishing in the early hours, when the water is calm and fish do not get upset by other boats floating in the region.

Apart from professional fishermen, there are also many people who come to Greece for fishing holidays. As they are certain of the cleanness of the water and the quality of fish, these amateur fishermen either fish with a spinning rod or dive underwater to catch bigger fish.

All coastal regions and islands are great for fishing holidays in Greece. However, attention is required in certain cases, as there are some particular spots where fishing is not allowed, either professional or amateurish. These regions mostly include marine parks, some protected lakes or sea areas with fragile ecolife.

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