Local marble to restore Ancient Theatre

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The restoration of the Ancient Theatre of Thassos is continued in fast paces, after the sponsorship of a private quarrying company towards the local municipality. The Theatre will again obtain the famous white marble of Thassos, healing the wounds of time and natural causes that have destroyed a large part of this valuable construction. As the mayor of Thassos pointed out, some marble parts of the theatre, such as the koilon, the scene and two side paths, will be replaced with local white marble, just like its original form in the ancient times.

Apart from the restoration of the main part of the theatre, additional features will be added, just as accessibility for the disabled, fire alarm system, refreshment stand, etc. In addition, the Municipality of Thassos is planning to allow a performance at the incomplete theatre during summer, in an effort to remind to the local community that this monument is strongly connected to the cultural tradition of the island. In the same time, the Municipality has decided to create a modern open theatre at the cliff just above the village of Theologos.