Opening of new archaeological museum

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The Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion was recently inaugurated by local authorities and government representatives. This modern building of 2,500 sq.m. was created with the coordinate efforts of many scientists and technicians (archaeologists, architects, sculptors, painters and others). The 1,500 sq.m. constitute the exhibitional rooms, while the rest are storehouses, workrooms, offices and common areas. This new museum hosts about 3,000 exhibits (vases, statues, tools, etc) that were excavated in the ancient town of Samos and in other sites around the island. Through these exhibits, the historical course of the island is presented from the 5th millenium BC till the 7th century AD, and visitors can clearly see how important the role of Samos has been for the history of Greece. A great advantage of the museum is its location between the important archaeological site of ancient Samos and the modern town of Pythagorion. Through the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion, the Archaeological Museum of Vathy and the recently-established Byzantine Museum in the Tower of Logothetis, Samos can easily show its great culture from early till late antiquity.