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Samos news

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Samos Young Artists Festival

Aug 07, 2019 — Aug 13, 2019 • Eastern Aegean, Samos
From August 7th until August 13th, internationally renowned artists and young rising stars meet to perform seven open-air concerts in the Ancient Theatre of Pythagorion.
Posted on Jun 06, 2019 Category: Events

Young Artists Festival 2013

Aug 07, 2013 — Aug 13, 2013 • Eastern Aegean, Samos
For one more August, the Young Artists Festival of Samos has included interesting musical concerts in the program. This year, the festival will last from August 7th to August 13th, 2013, and events will take place in the Ancient Theatre of Pythagorio.
Posted on Jun 19, 2013 Category: Events

Young Artists Festival 2012

Aug 06, 2012 — Aug 12, 2012 • Eastern Aegean, Samos
For another year, talented international young artists will perform at the Samos Young Artists Festival that will take place in August 6th to 12th, 2012. This festival intends to provide inspiration to the residents and visitors of Samos through a new style of musical encounter.
Posted on Jul 05, 2012 Category: Events

Samos Wine: coming from the time depths

• Eastern Aegean, Samos
One of the most notable areas in Greece cultivating wine is Samos, which produces fine quality wines since the ancient times. The oldest citation refers to the Muscat grapes which grow to the mountainous vineyards in the northern part of the island.
Posted on Jun 01, 2011 Category: Interviews

7th Ireon Music Festival

Aug 07, 2010 — Aug 09, 2010 • Eastern Aegean, Samos
The biggest three-day music festival of the Aegean will take place for one year in Heraion Samos, a lovely seaside village with rich archaeological background.
Posted on Jul 25, 2010 Category: Events

Opening of new archaeological museum

• Eastern Aegean, Samos
The Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion was recently inaugurated by local authorities and government representatives.
Posted on May 27, 2010 Category: News

Life of Pythagoras in movie

• Eastern Aegean, Samos
A new movie is being prepared for the life of the famous philosopher-mathematecian Pythagoras of Samos. Shootings are expected to take place in Greece, starting from September in Samos and Delphi.
Posted on May 18, 2010 Category: News

Discovery of ancient shipwreck

• Eastern Aegean, Samos
A submarine research in Samos brought into light an ancient shipwreck that dates from the 3rd century BC.
Posted on Oct 29, 2009 Category: News

European Info Centre starts operation

• Eastern Aegean, Samos
A few days ago, the European Information Centre Europe Direct of the Region of Northern Aegean started its operation on the island of Samos.
Posted on Feb 03, 2009 Category: News

New ladder trucks for the Fire Brigade

• Eastern Aegean, Samos
To face the danger of fires, the Fire Department of Samos has been provided with two ladder trucks. This department is also responsible for the island of Ikaria.
Posted on Dec 03, 2008 Category: News

International Rally

Sep 24, 2008 — Sep 28, 2008 • Eastern Aegean, Samos
The Old Car Friends union is organizing the "37th INTERNATIONAL RALLY on the island of Samos, Eastern Aegean.
Posted on Sep 19, 2008 Category: Events

The island seeks help with migrants

• Eastern Aegean, Samos
Local authorities on Samos yesterday appealed to the government to support their efforts to curb a seemingly relentless tide of illegal immigrants arriving on the island from neighboring Turkey
Posted on Sep 12, 2008 Category: News

Ireon Rock Festival

Jul 25, 2008 — Jul 27, 2008 • Eastern Aegean, Samos
The biggest event of this summer is here again. The 5th IREON ROCK FESTIVAL on 25, 26 and 27 July takes place at the beach of Heraion on Samos
Posted on Jul 10, 2008 Category: Events

Arrest of 51 stowaways on Samos and Farmakonisi

• Eastern Aegean, Samos
At the south coast of Farmakonisi island were the 51 foreigner stowaways found and arrested yesterday and some other two at the port of Samos.
Posted on Jun 26, 2008 Category: News

Migrant center opens

• Eastern Aegean, Samos
A 2.6 million-euro migrant detention center on the Aegean island of Samos was inaugurated on Saturday by the government.
Posted on Dec 03, 2007 Category: News

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