Agricultural Festival 2009

Jul 01, 2009 — Sep 30, 2009 • Category: Events
The Agricultural Festival of Lesvos will take place again this year in the Museum of Natural History in Sigri Lesvos, right next to the Petrified Forest. The festival will last from three whole months (from July to September) and will give visitors the chance to meet, taste and trust the products of Lesvos island, all produced in a biological way on the pure land of the island. In the premises of this Agrotourism Festival, there will be daily exhibitions with products of the Association of Lesvos Women and the other agricultural associations of the island. Products will include handmade jams, spoon sweets, wine, ouzo, cookies, nuts, cheese, honey and also textiles made by the local women. All through these months, there will also be cultural events in the rooms of the Museum, such as painting and sculpture exhibtions, theatrical plays and concerts.