Part of castle walls collapsed by rainfalls

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The collapse of a large part of the Byzantine Castle of Myrina was caused few days ago by the intense rainfalls in Lemnos island. According to the Ephorate of Antiquities of Lesvos, a large part of the walls close to the entrance of Agia Paraskevi collapsed, making the transit from visitors very dangerous and therefore forbidden. The section of the walls that fall apart covered about 20 meters of the entrance path.

In fact, it is believed that a large part of Myrina Castle has serious static problems and the intense rainfalls of the last days have made things worse. The recent restoration works that were completed recently had to do only with the central gate of the castle, while there will now be actions to secure funding for the conservation of walls, too.

The Castle of Myrina in Lemnos was constructed in its present form in 1207. It is built on a rocky peninsula and it is accessible by land only from the east. Time, extreme weather and wars have destroyed a large part of the castle through centuries. At the tallest spot of the rock is a half-destroyed fort with many internal rooms.