Rare forest in threat

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The forest of Ranti in Ikaria, a region of extreme natural beauty, is seriously threatened by uncontrolled and illegal pasturing, as declared by local environmental organizations. This forest is 16 sq.km large and its trees, including oak and arbutus trees, are centuries old, making it one of the most valuable ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea and particularly in the Aegean. As the locals say, this beautiful forest is threatened by uncontrolled pasturing and it is estimated that more than 1,000 sheep cross the forest every day. Therefore, pasturing erodes the soil of the forest and causes many problems when it rains. Moreover, the region is threatened by fire as the forest hasn't been cleaned and it doesn't have any fire detection system. Local environmental organizations and authorities ask the implementation of rules for the protection of this valuable ecosystem. Note that Ikaria is one of the greenest and purest islands of Greece and its protection is more than necessary.