Left without ferry connection

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The small islands of Ikaria and Fourni will be left without ferry transportation as the vessels of nautical company GA Ferries that used to carry out the routes will be docked in the port of Piraeus, due to the huge debts that the company has to pay to banks, oil suppliers and the Port Authority of Piraeus. In fact, the debts are due for many months now but the state was always trying to compromise the two sides in the middle of the tourist period. However, today the oil companies announced that they will no more supply the ferries Marina, Rodanthi, Romilda, Dimitroula, Jet Ferry, Anthi Marina and Milena. The Ministry of Merchantise Marine announced that it will soon start the process for the substitution of GA Ferries with another nautical company to handle the route and this process will last about 1 month. This will certainly cause a lot of problems to off-season visitors and permanent residents on this remote island.