Ikarians live longer than usual

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The permanent inhabitants of Ikaria are approaching the record of longevity and attract the interest of the global scientific community. In fact, a group of American scientists of various specialties (dieticians, geneticians, doctors, biologists) will come on Ikaria on April 21st and will stay for two weeks, to study why the inhabitants of this beautiful Aegean island live till their 90 or 100 years. The leader of the group believes that this is due to the qualitative daily life and the diet of the inhabitants. "On Ikaria, people follow a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and fish, while most of the residents are farmers, which means that they exercise daily", he says. He also stresses that of great importance is the rare honey of the island, the habit to drink tea and the daily siesta. Sardinia Italy and Okinava Japan are two more islands where inhabitants usually live more than 80 years. The traditional and agricultural way of life is a common feature that these three islands share and that scientists believe it is crucial for the elongation of life.