Ready for a Mastic Museum

• Category: News
A three-day conference will be held this weekend, from October 17th to October 19th, in the Homerion Cultural Centre, Chios. The conference is organized by the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Group and concerns mastic, the famous product of Chios. Mastic producers will discuss on the possible developement of mastic production and trade. Among the subjects on table, there will be the creation of a thematic museum on Chios: a Mastic Museum. The building of this museum had already been planned: it will be built in the area of Mastichohoria, where mastic is produced, and more particular, close to Pyrgi village. The museum will narrate the history and the production of Chios Mastic, which has been declared as a protected designation of origin (PDO) and a protected geographical indication (PGI) name. The museum is expected to cost about 7,5 millions of euro and will be financed by the European Union. The Mastic Museum will give a certain prestige to the area and will help to preserve the cultural identity of the island.