Mastic museum to be created soon

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The creation of the first Mastic Museum in the world will soon be a reality! No need to mention that the island of Chios will be the host. The exact place of the museum hasn't been decided yet, but the Union of Mastic Producers of Chios along with the Minister of Tourism Development discuss about the two stronger candidate villages, Pyrgi and Kalamoti. The Union of Mastic Producers of Chios was founded in 1938 and it is the exclusive administrator of the mastic production on the island. This association numbers roughly 5,000 members and the produced quantity reaches the 120 tons annually. The creation and operation of the new Mastic Museum on Chios aims to rescue the traditional technique and mechanisation as for the treatment of mastic. At the same time, it is expected to develop the cultural tourism and the agrotourism on the island of Chios. The museum aims also to improve of life quality of the residents and to strengthen the local products in the global economy. Not to mention mastic has been recognized as a unique rural product of Chios, as this variety of mastic is exclusively cultivated there. This product is known for its importance in medicine, pharmaceutical, gastronomy and pastry making.