Mastic enters the world of cosmetics

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The mastic resin has always been the trademark of Chios. The unique mastic trees that grow up only in the southern part of the island are known since the ancient times and they were believed to have many properties. In the antiquity, people used mastic as an oral antiseptic, a teeth-whitening and a drug for stomachaches. Nowadays, mastic is used as an ingredient in cooking and pastry making and recently it has entered the world of cosmetics. The Mastic Unique cosmetic line has been distributed by the Sodis family and is based on a 1998 research of the University of Athens that proves the antibacterial benefit of the mastic. The Sodis Company has launched toothpastes, shampoos, mouthwash solutions, moisturizers, day and night creams, anti-wrinkle treatments, foams and other face and body care products that have all been produced with mastic. However, these products are not yet widely known and sold. They are presently distributed only in a few pharmacies, some super-markets and local stores on Chios. The company is working to launch its products in the area of Attica and abroad. Mr Sodis, though, the owner of the company, says that he is not interested in selling the products massively but rather establish first a good name in the Greek market and then expand abroad.