Museums in Tilos

Tilos island hosts two collections in Megalo Chorio: the Archaeological and the Paleontological Collection. The Archaeological Collection of Tilos exhibits pieces of classical vessels, small statues, ancient inscriptions and sculptures from the Classical and the Hellenistic Times. These findings were excavated on the island, mostly in the valley of Lakia, close to Megalo Chorio.

The Paleontological Collection of Tilos is of special interest. It presents the findings from the excavations of Charkadio Cave, in the center of the island, where ancient pieces of pottery, Neolithic tools, and fossils of dwarf elephants were found. There are also drawings and photographs from the excavations, which were held in the 1970s by the professor of geology, Nikolaos Symeonides.

Apart from these collections, if you wish to visit historical sites on Tilos, there is the Medieval Castle of Megalo Chorio, built in the 14th century by the Knights of Saint John. Of special interest is also the abandoned village of Mikro Horio, in a short distance from Livadia. Mikro Horio was gradually abandoned in the 1950s, as its residents were moving to Livadia. In Mikro Horio, you can see some nice churches and the ruins of old houses and a Castle.