Rhodes Panagia tou Bourgou

Location: Old Town

Panagia tou Bourgou (also known as Virgin Mary of the Burgh or Lady of the Castle) is one of the main landmarks in the Medieval Town of Rhodes. It is one of the first cathedrals that were constructed on the island and the oldest church that still stands in Rhodes.

The ecclesiastical monument in its current form dates to the 14th century, the era of the Grand Magister Villeneuve and although the biggest part of it has been destroyed, its remnants are pretty impressive. Findings suggest that its destruction possibly occurred in 1522.
It is also known that the church was converted from an Orthodox temple to a Catholic one under the name of Sancta Maria Castelli Rodi. In addition, during the late 15th century, the church used to be dedicated to Saint Catherine.

The stone-built church is a three-aisle, domed basilica, with a Gothic architecture style.

Originally, the building complex around the church included 6 chapels and 7 tombs. In addition to the 3 vaulted arches of the church that survived, you will also find ruins originating from the chapels.

The church may no longer be functional but various cultural events are organized in the archaeological site during the summer. The arches are illuminated in the evening hours.

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