Top in real estate business by Forbes

• Category: News
The well-esteemed business and economic magazine Forbes, in a special report that was published recently, ranked the Greek island of Patmos in the first position as an idyllic destination and in real estate business. This report was composed in corporation with the experts of tourism and real estate, who were asked to vote for the top destinations in Europe, giving Greece the honorary first position. These destinations are characterised as magical places to live in and pretty affordable, too. This position gives investors in Europe the chance to discover an authentic place, with a rich religious culture and pristine nature. According to real estate councellors who helped in writing the report, "Patmos has developed over the years but it hasn't lost its authenitc beauty". It is also mentioned that because of the long distance from Athens, prices in Patmos real estate have been kept low and reasonable. In the report of Forbes, the second position goes to Lucca, a Medieval town in Toscane Italy, the third position to Saignon France, the fourth to Pietrasanta Italy and the fifth to Lake Bled Slovenia. It is worth to mention that many celebrities have already bought or are looking to buy a property in Greece and the Greek islands. Tom Hanks, for example, and his wife, Rita Wilson have a summer house in Antiparos. It is also said that Julia Roberts and Jack Nicholson are looking for a property in Santorini, Ritchard Gere in Patmos, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in Simi and Michael Schumacher in Elafonissos.