Map of Dodecanese

Discover our Map of Dodecanese islands, in Greece but also maps of many islands of the group: Dodecanese islands are a beautiful island complex located in the southeast part of the Aegean Sea, between Samos, Crete, and the Turkish coasts. It consists of beautiful islands with a rich history and idyllic natural environment and the major ones, as you can see on our map of Dodecanese are Rhodes, Karpathos, Astypalea, Patmos, Kos and smaller islands like Tilos and Simi. Each and every one of these islands charm all visitors with the natural landscapes, exotic beaches, the rich cultural heritage, and tradition.

This section proposes a Dodecanese map with all the major locations. You can also get informed about the Geography.

View an image map, a image map of where is Dodecanese or the interactive map below:

Map Of Dodecanese