Leros Windmills

The Windmills of Leros in the Dodecanese: Although the function of windmills today is not the same as when they were originally created, they still are characteristic constructions of Leros island that attract the interest of visitors. In the past times, they were used to convert the energy of the wind into more useful forms, with the use of their rotating blades.

In general, their most common use was to grind the grain and many of them can be found in disuse along the rest of the Greek islands. However, in the case of Leros, the windmills were conserved as constructions and in many cases, they have been restored. Several of them have now turned into guesthouses.

The most picturesque site of old windmills on Leros is the windmills in Pandeli, on the way to the castle. On the other hand, when being on the north side of the island, it is possible to see some modern windmills on top of the mountains. These modern windmills generate today electricity with the power of winds, which blow so often on the Greek islands.