Karpathos Diakoftis beach

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General information

Diakoftis Beach Karpathos: Diakoftis is located 21 km from Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos. The magnificent landscape is the main reason that one should definitely visit this beach. The white golden sand and the emerald waters is a combination that has created an exotic natural scenery.

The access to the beach is easy. Drive from Pigadia and take the road to Arkasa, then turn left and follow the road along the runway to the airport (about 6 km). The route requires patience but the striking beauty of this place will compensate you. However, if you turn right at the junction you will meet different bays with beaches that are equally beautiful.



1 Review
  • jckaay 19 Aug 2015
    You will love this beach at first sight
    I still dream about this beach, that is how beautiful it is. The road is tricky. When you get off the main road, the rocky road that leads you to the beach is very long and bad, but it is worth it. First time we went there we thought we were lost, but there are small signs that will lead you to Diakoftis. And when you get there the color of the water will blow your mind. There is enough place for cars, but not enough umbrellas that you can rent. It gets crowded but not too much, there is always space for everyone, and for your own umbrella. But the wind can get really strong so if you bring your own umbrella maybe you'll have trouble opening it, like we did. It is sandy beach, water is really cold, but worth it. When you go into the water it is long shallow part, and i love it. It is clear and nothing but sand in it. There is another side of Diakoftis beach, the water there is also clean, but no one was taking a swim there, i still don't know why. I think there were some rocks when you get into the water, but you can go there at least to take pictures cause it is beautiful. I loved, loved loved Diakoftis because it looks unreal and the water is so clear and clean. Too bad for the wind and cold water, but worth visiting.