Kalymnos Cave of Seven Virgins

The Cave of the Seven Virgins in Kalymnos, in the Dodecanese: The Cave of the Seven Virgins is found to the northeast of Kalymnos. It is also known as the Sanctuary (Caven) of the Nymphs because it used to be a worshiping place. According to a tradition, the cave got its name from seven maidens who entered it to protect themselves from a pirate invasion. However, they lost their way and were never seen again.

The Cave of the Seven Virgins is 12m high, 17m wide and 60m long. The worshiping activity used to be held in a small place to the left of the entrance. Although the visit to this cave is very interesting, it can result in a bit hazardous due to the constant soil erosions and the difficult passage that leads there. Some Neolithic tools have been found inside the cave and some signs of worshiping to the Nymphs. The findings are currently displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos.