Only one cardiologist for the patients

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The residents of Kalymnos and the close by islands are facing a great problem, as the Cardiology Clinic is about to close. The clinic, which originally had three cardiologists, is now left with only one, as the other two have left the island. The problem started about a year ago, when one cardiologist quit in order to work in another hospital, while the other was transfered a few months ago to the Hospital of Kos. The one doctor left can't cover alone the needs of the inhabitants and he is about to quit, too, and leave the island. Therefore, the Cardiology Clinic which was built with so many efforts and is equipped with all the modern technologies, is going to close down!

This situation has emerged the inhabitants of Kalymnos and the surrounding islands. The mayor of Kalymnos, Mr George Roussos, as a sign of protest, moved his office inside the clinic and said that from now on he will be staying 24 hours a day there. He also sent a letter to the Greek Prime Minister, Mr Kostas Karamanlis, to describe him the situation and ask for a solution. He proposes that the doctor who was tranfered to Kos comes back to Kalymnos and a doctor from Athens goes to Kos. Otherwise, the quality of life for the residents and visitors to Kalymnos will be disqualified.