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Kalymnos news

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Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2019

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on May 06, 2019 | Category:Events | Event duration: Oct 04, 2019 until Oct 06, 2019

Kalymnos Climbing Festival is one of this fall’s must events!

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Feast of the Assumption Kalymnos 2019

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on May 06, 2019 | Category:Events | Event duration: Aug 14, 2019 until Aug 15, 2019

Do you want to discover the real spirit of Kalymnos island? Attend the feast of the Assumption and you will find out the real Greek celebration way of life!

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Kalymnos Climbing Festival

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on Jul 31, 2018 | Category:Events | Event duration: Oct 05, 2018 until Oct 07, 2018

Kalymnos Climbing Festival is one of this fall’s must events!

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Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2016

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on Sep 29, 2016 | Category:Events | Event duration: Oct 07, 2016 until Oct 09, 2016

Kalymnos provides the ample opportunity to hundreds of sports enthusiasts to climb up the mountains and practise their favorite hobby

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North Face Climbing Festival 2014

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on Oct 03, 2014 | Category:Events | Event duration: Oct 09, 2014 until Oct 12, 2014

The third edition of The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival is taking place in Kalymnos island from October 9th-12th, 2014. This festival brings together professional and amateur climbers from every corner of the earth, offering a unique experience to climbing enthusiasts.

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Dates for 2013 North Face Climbing Festival

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on Jul 09, 2013 | Category:Events | Event duration: Oct 10, 2013 until Oct 13, 2013

This year, the North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival will be organized in October 10th-13th, 2013.

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Diving Festival 2011

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on Jun 16, 2011 | Category:Events | Event duration: Jul 18, 2011 until Jul 24, 2011

For another year, Kalymnos, home of the sponge divers, will host an interesting event commemorating the traditional way of sponge diving.

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Fishermen pulled up ancient statue

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on Mar 19, 2009 | Category:News

A headless part of a bronze statue was found yesterday morning by local fishermen in the sea area between Kalymnos and Kos.

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Only one cardiologist for the patients

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on Jan 05, 2009 | Category:News

The residents of Kalymnos and the close by islands are facing a great problem, as the Cardiology Clinic is about to close.

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Statue returns to its homeland

Dodecanese, Kalymnos Posted on Nov 27, 2008 | Category:News

A female statue that was kept in the Archaeological Museum of Athens will return to its homeland, to be hosted in the museum of Kalymnos.

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