An island with low paces and relaxing atmosphere, there are many places to eat and drink in Kalymnos. The majority of these places are found in the main tourist spots, including Pothia, Massouri, Myrties, and Emporios. Few other restaurants, cafe, and bars are scattered around the countryside of Kalymnos, offering a nice view of the island or the sea. Most restaurants in Kalymnos are actually fish taverns serving traditional recipes. Bars on the island are few and mostly found at the port promenade of Pothia.

Are you looking for places to eat and drink in Kalymnos island? Here are some interesting suggestions to have a meal or dinner, enjoy a relaxing coffee and spend the night out in Kalymnos. If you have visited any of these places, feel free to leave your feedback or upload their photos, if you have.