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General information

Vathi Village Astypalea: Vathi is a serene and charming village situated in the north eastern side of Astypalea. Vathi is a traditional fishing village and has a harbour where ferries dock when the wind is not suitable in the port of Astypalea.

Coming next to a tranquil bay, Vathi by virtue of its geographical peculiarities is divided into two neighbourhoods, Mesa Vathi (Inner Vathi) and Exo Vathi (Outer Vathi). The village of Vathi accommodates beautiful and calm beaches with crystal clear waters.

One can also take pleasure in the fresh fish dishes and other local delicacies in the traditional taverns and ouzo bars available in plenty in the village that are open till late at night. For sightseeing near Vathi, there are two ancient limestone caves, the first one known as the Cave of the Dragon with wonderful deposits of stalaktites and stalagmites and the second one is the Cave of the Negro.

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