Astypalea Traditional Windmills

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Location: Town

The Windmills in Chora Astypalea: The picturesque windmills in Chora always impress the tourists on Astipalea. There is a total of eight windmills in Chora, on top of a hill, along with white houses and Byzantine churches. These preserved windmills that might have been built in the 18th or 19th century impart the stunning magic of an island to the overall panoramic landscape of the hill and the surrounding areas.

Situated on the saddle of the hill, the traditional windmills surely give a lovelier vibe to Chora and have ample space in the interior. Little further from the windmills, there is the traditional coffee house and further still is the city hall. On top of the hill, there is the imposing Venetian castle of Querini built of dark stones.



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