Astypalea Local products

The traditional products of Astypalea include beaten feta cheese kopanisti and anthotyro. The items to sample are ksialina, a variety of local yogurt, and oil cheese, a unique local product where cheese pieces are dipped in oil.

Apart from that, visitors should definitely try the fresh and quality seafood, including salted fish such as bream and sardine, sun-dried fish also known as Liokafta, octopus, sargos, rofos, fagri, sinagrides, white-bait, skari and red-mullet which is also known as barbounia.

Be sure to taste some of the delicious local sweets, such as dolmades, honey biscuits or melomakarona, finikia, loukoumades, sesame pasteli, halva with honey and fried pancakes also known as xerotigana.