Astypalea Geography

Astypalea is the westernmost island of Dodecanese and it actually connects the Cyclades with the Dodecanese group of islands. With a lot of Cycladic characteristics, such as the arid landscape, the white houses and the small chapels all around the island, Astypalea reminds more of a Cycladic island, yet it belongs to the Dodecanese complex.

The shape of Astypalea looks like a butterfly. It is like two small islands connected with a narrow piece of land. Astypalea geography is characterized by a lot of bays, such as the Bays of Agios Ioannis, Agios Fokas, Panormos, Vatses, Kaminakia, and many others. These bays are both sandy and rocky, formatting nice beaches for all tastes. Traces of local history have been found there by archaeologists.

The geography of Astypalea is mountainous, however, its mountains are not tall. The tallest peak is Vardia at an altitude of 482 m. Two nice caves dot the southernmost and northernmost spots of Astypalea, the cave of Negros and the cave of the Dragon.

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