Cyclades Weather

Information about the Weather in Cyclades islands: The climate conditions of Cyclades islands, with the typically mild winters and the freshness of the winds during summer, allow you to get closer to nature and discover the hidden beauties of Cyclades islands. In the Cyclades, it rarely rains except at a high altitude in Tinos, Naxos, Kea, and Andros where there is usually rain that creates the rich vegetation and plenty of natural sources. During winter, the peaks of the mountains are covered with snow. The rest of the islands in the Cyclades, due to the lack of rainwater are characterized by barren landscape while they are rich in aromatic plants and herbs.

The coldest months are January and February, where the average temperature is 5-10oC. The bad weather lasts for a few days and changes to sunny weather, where people enjoy the Halcyon Days which are known from antiquity. In the coastal areas, there is rarely snow while there is a chance for a few flakes of snow in the islands of Naxos, Tinos, and Andros.

Spring lasts for approximately two months in the Cyclades and the summer is mild with some winds that blow from the sea. The last ten days of July and the first ten of August are characterized by high temperatures, the hottest period throughout the year. Autumn is long with high temperatures that can last until mid-December.

When to go? The best period to visit the Cyclades is between June and September. The weather is great for spending the day at the beach.

Weather on each island

Information about the weather on the islands of Cyclades: