Sikinos transportation

Sikinos is not yet developed to offer many facilities to tourists and transportation is limited. The few residents and the infertile land do not motivate the authorities to invest in infrastructure and transport facilities. However, Sikinos attracts a number of tourists mainly because of its gorgeous landscape and pleasant atmosphere that is typical for a tranquil holiday spot.

Until recently, donkeys and boats were used as the means of transport and vehicles were not allowed. However, a few developments in the ferry service and road transport have made Sikinos a popular destination for many tourists. The only road on Sikinos links Chora, the capital of the island, and Alopronia, the port of the island.

Except for the private vehicles that exist on the island, there are no cars available for rent. The only way to move around Sikinos is with the public bus which runs some routes from the port to Chora, Episkopi, and beaches. There are also daily boats departing from the port of Alopronia to the beautiful and isolated beaches around the island.

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