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Megalo Livadi Serifos: Megalo Livadi is a picturesque coastal village on the southwestern part of Serifos, located approximately 13 km west from Chora, the island's capital. Although it currently counts on just 50 inhabitants, in the past it used to be highly developed in financial terms, due to the exploiting of minerals. In fact, Megalo Livadi was founded because of the bauxite mines located nearby, as the mining industry was on its highest peak around 1880 and 1890, when this village was born.

Some exponent elements from this tradition still remain and can be visited, like the mining ladder dating from 1932 and the Metal Workers Monument, serving as a testimony of the origins of Megalo Livadi. The loading ramps still remain as well, but now they have been just integrated to the natural landscape, along with a few railway lines and some old wagons that also fell in disuse. Just like in other villages nearby, the traces from the past reflect the glory that has gone.

However, Megalo Livadi still offers some good reasons to be visited. Apart from the mentioned mining elements, there are also some historical buildings that may be interesting for those who enjoy exploring these constructions. In general, they are built in a neoclassical style, and most of them are related to the mining activity as well, like the offices of the mining company. There is also a hospital, which along with the mentioned offices is situated beside the small houses the workers used for accommodation.

Other interesting sites from the past worth visiting are the monuments and the churches of Agia Triada and Agios Ioannis Prodromos, as well as the church of Agios Nikolaos. However, one of the main attractions is the main beach of megalo Livadi.

As the village is situated on a deep bay, it is well protected from the winds. This and other features, like its shallow waters and the shadow provided by its tamarisk trees make this beach ideal for families with children. Additionally, the water is perfectly clean and is ideal not only for swimming, but for other water-sports as well, like windsurfing, paddle boating and water skiing.

Despite the fact of being a remote and quiet beach, there are a few taverns nearby that are usually frequented by local people. Some of them have tables right on the beach offering delicious flavors and various refreshments. In fact, the village itself counts on a good variety of interesting cafes and restaurants.

In conclusion, Megalo Livadi is perfect for spending a peaceful day, enjoying the natural beauty of the remote beach and visiting its monuments and ruins. The combination of beautiful beaches and historical sites, is good for both adults and children.

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