Schinoussa Aligaria Beach

Information about Aligaria Beach

The secluded and unorganized beach of Aligaria is located on the southern part of Schinoussa. In reality, it consists of 3 small beaches that are covered in sand and shingle and have clear blue waters. The location of Aligaria in-between rocky hills makes it great for windy days, as there will barely be any waves at all. Aligaria ensures a peaceful and private swim away from the crows, since it is hard to access. In order to get there you will have to take a narrow and dusty road but once you reach the beach, you will realize that the rewarding landscape was really worth the effort. Make sure you bring water and any other necessities, as there are no facilities nearby. Aligaria is a nice option for snorkelling or fishing as well.

Map Of Aligaria, Schinoussa

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