Schinoussa Gerolimnionas Beach

Information about Gerolimnionas Beach

The tiny bay of Gerolimnionas is a true hidden gem! This stunning secluded beach is located on the northwestern part of the island and it is covered with light colored sand. The sea waters are crystal clear and the natural landscape is totally unspoilt, as there are no facilities in the area. A dusty road near Messaria will take you there, although you will also have to walk for about 300 meters after parking your car. Because of the fact that it is hard to get there, Gerolimnionas does not attract many visitors and it is very likely that you will have the beach all to yourself. The small and sandy Gerolimnionas is a great option when the weather is windy, since the rocky hills that enclose it offer protection from the winds. It is also highly recommended for snorkelling.

Map Of Gerolimnionas, Schinoussa

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