Mati in Santorini, Fira Town

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Location: Fira

Established at Fira in 1990, the Μati Art Gallery originally aimed to present the work of modern Greek artists to the millions of visitors on the island of Santorini. In its early years, the gallery promoted the sculptural, painting, engraving and design creations of many different artists.

Today it displays exclusively the work of visual artist Yorgos Kypris, whose space installations, environments, sculptures and drawings attempt to stress the need for maintaining balance in Nature. They also pose questions about the behavior of a man towards man as well as towards the environment.

Mati soon evolved into a major exponent of good taste and modern views on art. Its sensibility in matters of artistic, social and ecological interest has attracted a broad audience of diverse backgrounds and beliefs and helps them gain greater insight into the contemporary culture of Greece.




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