Santorini Traditional Costumes

Santorini Traditional Costumes, in the Cyclades: The traditional costumes of Santorini were mostly made of wool and linen. All women would wear a scarf (like a modern bandanna) on their head, with only a little bit of forehead being revealed. When a married woman was welcoming guests in her house, she should have her hair freshly-washed and unwashed with a mixture of oil and vinegar, which would make her hair shine.

Hairstyles and clothes were different for women, depending on their social class and their marital status. For example, women from the countryside were rarely wearing jewelry, except for a golden cross on special occasions. However, rich women would wear jewelry, ornaments in the hair and sometimes perfume.

The clothes of men were more simple and reminded if Venetian costumes. The special feature was that men always used to wear cotton underwear T-shirt to keep them warm in winter and absorb sweat in summer.