Santorini Brewing Company Brewery in Mesa Gonia

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Location: Mesa Gonia

Santorini Brewing Company, established in 2011, is the first and for now sole brewing business in all of Santorini. Placed in Mesa Gonia and housed inside a traditional whitewashed home, they create high-quality beers and ales that get shipped to every corner of the world!

A collective idea that united four people from around the globe, Santorini Brewing Company combines the island’s refreshing water with selected malts and yeast from Austria, Germany, New Zealand, and other countries. After fermentation, the steel containers are full of unfiltered, flavorful, and delicious “Lagered Ales”, providing a tasteful crossover between Lager beers and Celtic ales. The brewery produces six different donkey-themed beers available at all times, plus Slow Donkey beer, brewed once or twice each year, which contains Vinsanto wine aromas.

Before visiting the brewery, one may call or email them to book a free tour around the estate, plus grab a cotton t-shirt, a hoodie, a bag, or other accessories! You can always try their fresh beers on the spot, either bottled or tap. It is important to note that Santorini Brewing Company has shifted its energy consumption focus towards solar panels, making itself more eco-friendly.
It is open during the summer months, Monday through Saturday, from 12:00 - 17:00.




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