Cine Enastron in Paros, Monastiri beach

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Location: Monastiri

Enastron is an open-air cinema located inside Paros Park in the Monastiri area. Its name literally means star-studded, representing the starlit sky under where the cinema lies. The terrace was built in a run-down area full of rubble, using gravel and stone. It consists of 100 removable seats and small tables scattered between them, placed near a tree cluster.

The cinema mostly hosts screenings of retro films in English with Greek subtitles, welcoming both locals and foreigners, with the goal of becoming a meeting point for people of international backgrounds. Newer releases and kids’ movies are also shown. During the Festival at the Park, a selection of new and old films is presented, with screenings starting at 21.00. Admission to the cinema is free.

In Cine Enastron you will have the opportunity to watch movies that cover a wide range of cinematic repertoire, while relaxing on the sand, beneath the breathtaking summer night sky. The movie list includes mostly beloved classics, while on spot you will meet an exciting blend of people, locals and tourists alike.

Cine Enastron is connected to the cafe-bar and the restaurant of the Park, and a parking space is also available.




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