Naxos Diving in Naxos

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Plaka, Naxos
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Naxos Diving Center was founded in 2005 and offers a great opportunity for recreational diving in the azure waters of Naxos. Due to the magnificent locations of the island, the diving centre aims to the best exploitation of the natural beauty.

The diverse and spectacular dive sites in the region are perhaps some of the best locations in the Mediterranean with rocky islands, caves and underwater caverns. Naxos Diving is well-equipped and organized for the training lessons which are available for all ages. There are special instructors for children.

The diving center has recently turned into a private diving base aiming to collect and provide comprehensive information about historical wrecks and diving sites, around the coast of Naxos and the small Cycladic islands. These diving trips provide an unforgettable diving experience to a whole new world. Best season to dive is from May to September.

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