Tara Ocean Project Exhibition

Jul 29, 2023 — Oct 31, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Halki

For the first time in Greece, the Tara Ocean Project (also known as Fondation Tara Ocean) will host an exhibition showcasing its work, research, and extensive analysis at the Fish and Olive Gallery in Chalki, starting on July 29th, 2023!

Curated by the archaeologist and art historian Louisa Karapidaki, this showcase aims to raise awareness for the protection of the world’s oceans and marine life! Having the prestigious head position of the Museum Collection of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre at the great Academy of Athens, Louisa will join forces with the owners of Fish and Olive (artists Katharina Bolesch and Alexander Reichardt) and present this exhibition to the residents and visitors of Naxos!

Furthermore, on the first day of the exhibition, the executive producer and founding member of Tara Ocean Romain Troublé will be in Halki to attend the beginning of this showcase! Tara Ocean’s exciting and informative display of research will remain on the grounds of Fish and Olive until the end of the summer season in 2024!