Naxos Festival 2023

Jul 04, 2023 — Oct 08, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Sangri

Naxos Festival has been a staple of the island since its first-ever inception in 2001! This summertime celebration includes festivities, art programs, theatrical shows, painting exhibitions, film screenings, live music shows, and various entertaining children’s plays, hosting local artists as well as international ones! Always focusing on providing entertainment and cultural and spiritual upliftment, this festival makes an open call to everyone in order to unite people under the premises of art and music.

This year’s set houses four 10-minute dances from the Greek National Opera Ballet, an avant-garde painting and sculpting exhibition called The Wings of Icarus, and a total of ten live music shows, including the solo performance of entehno artist Alkinoos Ioannidis! Most shows will take place at the Bazeos Tower, a monastery built in the 17th century and a monument of cultural significance for the island of Naxos! The festivities will start on July 4th and end on October 8th.

The annual festival of Naxos has hosted revered acts in the past, such as Savina Yannatou’s Chores female vocal ensemble (plus singer Marina Satti), singer-songwriter Orfeas Peridis, legendary singer Maria Farantouri, the Tapisserie visual installation, singer Mariza Rizou, as well as the virtuoso German pianist Claudia Kohll, the iconic Psarantonis, and internationally-known classical guitarist Panagiotis Margaris!