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Watching a movie at the cinema is a pleasant activity for most people. However, when in Greece, all visitors should join a screening at an open-air cinema, no matter their relationship with the film industry.
An open-air cinema is an outdoor setting where the seats and the screen lie in a yard or other open space. Tables are often placed among the seats so guests can leave snacks and beverages. The cinema's canteen usually offers a variety of options, including popcorn, nachos, potato chips, and ice cream. Seats are not numbered, meaning that you can sit anywhere you like.
A film in the Mykonos Cinema Cine Manto, under the starlight, is a truly unparalleled experience.

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Cine Manto

Open Air Cinema
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If you happen to be a movie enthusiast, what better way to enjoy a lovely summer evening than watch a movie under the stars? The cinema usually operates from late May to early October, featuring blockbuster movies, new releases as well as beloved classics, with two screenings per day.