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General information

Pollonia Beach Milos: Milos is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches. One such interesting beach is Apollonia beach. Like most beaches on this island, Pollonia beach is also long and sandy, apart from being lined with trees, which provide some much required shade. The water is crystal clear and a string of colorful boats add to the beauty of this beach.

Located just 14 kilometers from Plaka, Pollonia beach is easily accessible either by car or on foot. It is the ideal location for a day out on the beach.

It would be advisable to carry your own umbrellas, in case they are not available on the beach. There are many tourist facilities available on the beach for visitors looking for a more commercial touch to relaxation and care. Pollonia beach does not disappoint in any sense and ensures that you have a great day on the beach.



1 Review
  • ablutsauger 06 Oct 2015
    Beach average but complete atmosphere very good
    This is a typical urban space.
    I gave four stars for complete atmosphere, because the beach is located near taverns, so imagine the feeling- you are eating wonderful food next to the water, with millions of fish swimming, many colourful boats, smell of sea and breeze.
    And this is my recommendation: go to Pollonia and enjoy your lunch next to the beach. And that's it.
    I don't see why would anyone go from other part of Milos for swimming on this beach. I'm not sure it's clean, with all these boats and next to the "urban" area, id we can call Milos villages an urban area.
    Since there are many taverns here, there are many cats. Now, don't get me wrong, because I love cats more than life and want them everywhere, but I witnessed two cats "doing their business" on the very same beach. :) So, you get the point.