Koufonisia Classical Music Festival 2023

Jul 18, 2023 — Aug 03, 2023 • Category: Events

The 8th annual Koufonisia Classical Music Festival will be aiming to further connect the past with the present through the repertoire of classical music! A set of concerts from the 18th of July up until the 3rd of August will be pairing together classical tunes with the likes of jazz, rock, and other modern genres!

Koufonisia Classical Music Festival 2023 will house five concerts and host a total of seventeen talented musicians, including plenty of international artists, such as the violin virtuoso Liya Petrova, the French classical pianist David Lively, the brilliant saxophonist and BBC radio broadcaster Jess Gilliam, and the mandolin sensation Avi Avital! They will all be accompanied by highly-talented local musicians, like Simos Papanas, Nefeli Mousoura, Timos Petrin, Tasos Pappas, Antonis Sousamoglou, and Christos Papageorgiou!

This year’s fest will showcase art from the romantic era, a touch of the blues, saxophone-centered tunes, the lute-like mandolin, and love-ridden songs from the Schumann couple. Namely, 2023’s concerts will be named as such: A Path into Romanticism, The Versatile Saxophone, 4 Centuries of Mandolin, Expressions of Love, and Blue(s) Moon!

Organized by the festival’s founder, artistic director, and conductor, Kornilios Michailidis, Koufonisia Classical Music Festival has hosted internationally-revered musicians in the recent past, such as Nicolas Baldeyrou, Hisako Kawamura, Valeriy Sokolov, the stunning piano soloist Alice Sara Ott, and the soprano Myrto Papathanasiou! In addition, experienced teachers visit the festival to offer music-teaching lessons to children, while with the help of the fest’s funds, musical instruments are given away to young participants!