Museums in Kea

Kea is a beautiful destination with picturesque villages and one of the closest islands to Athens. The view of its old-fashioned beauty makes it a living museum that attracts many visitors. In particular, Kea is home to one museum, the Archaeological Museum located in Ioulida, the capital of the island.

The well-structured museum hosts interesting findings from the various excavations that took place in the surrounded regions. The exhibition develops on both floors from the prehistoric and historic period. All the visual aids, maps, and detailed information are provided to the visitors. Most of the artifacts have been found in the Ancient Town of Karthea in Kea, accessible by boat or through a trekking path.

As an alternative, you can visit the ancient settlement of Agia Irini who flourished during the Bronze age and the site in Korissos. Historical sites are also found in Ioulida like the medieval castle, the great Lion of Ioulida which is a magnificent monument from the Archaic period.