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Kea is known as one of the closest islands to Athens, with unique architecture and rich tradition. Ideal for the hikers as well, offering scenic hiking trails that pass through the dense forest areas and the beautiful beaches. Apart from the island's natural beauty and cosmopolitan atmosphere, religious plays also an important role. It goes back to the Byzantine period where most of the churches and monasteries were founded at the most attractive spots of the island.

At the northeastern side of Kea, on the hill of Kastri lies the 18th-century monastery of Panagia Kastriani, the saint protector of the island. Towards the south, the road will lead you to the historical monastery of Agia Marina which is built around a Byzantine monument.

Kea is home to some of the oldest churches including the church of Agios Haralambos, the patron saint of the island. The 16th-century church of Agios Panteleimonas and Agios Timotheos with their elaborated wooden icon and beautiful frescoes. Around a beautiful verdant area lies the 16th-century Monastery of Dafni. Finally, it is worth visiting the church of Panagia Chrysospiliotissa built inside a cave.

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Monastery of Agia Anna

The Monastery of Agia Anna is located on a hill above Ioulida, the capital of Kea, and played a prominent role in the development of the island in the past.
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Monastery of Panagia Kastriani

The Monastery of Panagia Kastriani is located in a remote region, 7 km east of Otzias. This is the most important religious center on the island and it dominates on top of a rock above the sea.

Church of Agia Marina

The church of Agia Marina stands next to a ruined Byzantine tower in the center of the island. It used to be the katholicon (main church) of a monastery, constructed in the 17th century. The church is located 6 km southwest of Ioulida, while a spring with running water stands next to it.

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