The tower of Agia Marina is collapsing

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The tower of Agia Marina, built in the 4th century B.C. and 20 metres high, is the highest structure on the island and it was one of the highest towers in the ancient world. However, today this tower, which stands in the mainland of Kea, is facing the danger of collapse. Although the situation is crucial for this ancient monument, little has been done by Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Kea to start the restoration process. That is why private sectors decided to move. The Greek society for the Environment and Culture and the forum for Kea, Kea West, press the authorities to take action quickly. The Leventis Foundation decided to finance half the restoration process and the municipality of Kea will also cover part of the money needed.  The tower of Agia Marina initially had five floors and was built of local marble and stone. It protected the island many times during invasions from enemies and pirates. In September 1858, an earthquake caused ruins to the tower and part of the ruins were used by the residents to built their houses. The north side of the tower is in good situation, but unfortunately the rest have broken down.