8th Folktale Festival

Jul 17, 2010 — Jul 25, 2010 • Category: Events
The 8th Folktale Festival will take place this summer from July 17th to July 25th, 2010, and the theme of the festival is Transformations. Stories from all over the world will be heard by Greek and foreign narrators. The exhibitions are daily, they address to kids and adults and the entrance is free. The setting of the exhibitions is natural and open, as they are set in paved paths, archaeological sites, forests, picturesque chapels, small squares and beaches. Indicatively here are some of the exhibitions: - The inauguration of the festival will include stories that distinguished out of the 22,000 stories written by kids for the panhellenic competition organized by Kids Fun - Marathon of Narrations: For the first time at the Folktake Festival, the Association of the Friends of Kea are organizing this Marathon in Otzias beach with participations from Greece and abroad. - Fairytales in Ancient Karthea: An important moment for the festival will be the exhibition for the Ancient Theatre in the archaeological site of Karthea, where artists from all over the world will narrate stories from their country. The festival will also include many workshops for kids and adults.