Ios Helmut Kand

Helmut Kand living in Ios, in the Cyclades: The mountainous island of Ios, is one such spectacular beauty that lies smack in the middle of the Aegean Sea and offers a wonderful zest of life to the artist's imagination. Ios has been host to numerous artists over time. Austrian artist Helmut Kand is extremely well known across the world for his paintings and sculptures. Some of his work has been heavily inspired by the landscapes, sun, sand and the sea of the Cyclades.

A regular visitor to the island, Kand usually spends every summer, for the last 28 years, on the island of Ios. Each winter, he returns to Vienna with loads of paintings. His surrealistic paintings emphasize the flying or floating objects based around the main theme of the landscape of Ios. His work is displayed in the Modern Art Gallery in Chora Ios.